Friday, June 09, 2006

Old Guy Barbershop

There is a barber here in town named Bob Buffalo. When he was young his family once owned a bar during prohibition and sold beer illegally. I lost track of him over the years, but it turns out he has been barbering.

His shop is a small place with about 7 or 8 old kitchen chairs from a 1950’s dinette. He has copies of vintage magazines scattered all over the place. Most are hunting-fishing or sport related. The floor is covered with clumps of grey and black hair. Today's newspaper is in sections on a couple of vacant chairs.

An ancient window air conditioner hums in the window as Bob gives a fellow a “regular.” He offers two styles of hair cuts. The Regular, which he leaves about an inch or so of hair on the top and gives you a close trim on the back and sides with his clippers. The other is The Butch, which the kids call the Buzz-cut. This is the military style of practically shaving your head with the clippers to leave your head covered in stubble.

The great thing about going to his shop is not the haircut, but getting to shoot the bull with the other guys. We talk about the old days and how bad things have become. We swap jokes and comment on the gawd-awful haircut Bob just gave someone. Bob doesn’t seem to mind. He just squirts some more oil on his clippers and motions to the next customer.

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