Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mary Worth

Who doesn’t like reading the Funny Papers? I’ve been reading the comics since I was a little guy. Before that my Dad would read them to me every Sunday morning.

The “comics” have always been rather diverse. By that I don’t mean ethnically. I mean there are some strips that aren’t funny. These are mainly the serial strips. Some of these were adventure strips aimed at guys and some are soap opera strips aimed at the ladies.

In my humble opinion the most worthless of the serial strips is Mary Worth. What a nosey old biddy. She has been poking her snoot into other people’s affairs since 1938.

According to her creators, in 1938 she was a teacher and the widow of a wealthy tycoon. ( Are there still tycoons anymore? You seldom hear that term)

Do the math. The old girl is 128 years old and qualifies for the birthday segment on the Good Morning America weather report or a mention by Paul Harvey (who also is 128) on his radio report.

Mary has been a pest and a buttinski for 68 years now and most of us ignore her. I cannot fathom why her strip continues. The syndicate that distributes it must have some dirt on each of America’s newspaper publishers. (Why did you think that comic strip publishers are called a Syndicate?)

So I’ll end my rant of the day by joining the millions of other comic strip readers that over look the 3 panel blip taking up space on the page known as Mary Worth. Now I wonder what that zany Cathy is up to?