Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Three Explorers Story

You probably don't recall the story about the three explorers. It happened years ago.

They discovered an ancient tribe in the jungle. The tribe was called the Whodos. They were a very fierce tribe. When the explorers met up with the tribe, the Whodos whisked them off to their chief. The chief was called Grand Moodoo,the great leader of the Whodos.

The Moodo happened to speak English, since these men were not the first to come across the Whodo tribe. The Moodo said to the frightened men, "If you are to remain alive then you must pass the test of the three caves. In the first cave you will find a bottle of toxic rum. You each must drink out of the bottle. And if you survive you will go to the next cave. In this cave is an angry lion with a thorn in it's paw. You must remove the thorn or be eaten by the lion. If you live in the last cave you will find a woman who has never been satisfied. Satify her and you will live."

The men looked at each other and one of them said, "I will go first." And he walked into the first cave and there he saw an ancient bottle. He unsealed the wax and removed the cork and took a drink of the bottle's contents. A loud thump was heard by all as he fell over dead.

The two other explorers looked at each other and finally one said, "I shall go." And off he went. He picked up the bottle and took a drink. Amazingly he only felt the warm rum pass down his throat and he walked out unscathed. He next went to the cave with the angry lion. After a few minutes of silence loud roars and screams of agony came from inside the cave. Then there was no noise.

The Moodo looked at the last explorer and said, "It is your turn now." And the last explorer went to the first cave and drank the poison rum. He felt fine and finished off the bottle. He then came staggering out of the cave and went right into the lion's cave. The villagers heard loud roars and screams, but then they heard a loud purring sound from the giant cat. The remaining explorer staggered out of the cave unharmed.

He went into the woman's cave. After about fifteen minutes he came staggering out and was shaking his head. He looked at the Moodo and said, "I couldn't find any thorn in that woman's foot!"

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