Thursday, July 13, 2006

Perverted Justice

Every day in the news we read a story about some fool with a computer that has been stalking out a teenage child (who also has a computer) by sending them nasty emails, internet chat or pictures of his naughty bits. The story always ends the same way. The young teen entices the jackass to visit them and it turns out that the teenager is actually a 45 year old dectective.

Now one of the TV networks has been running a series of shows about this subject. They go from town to town serving up a five course platter of justice to all the perverted morons that live with in a 3 hour drive from the town they are in. And it is plumb amazing to see the parade of jokers from all walks of life that arrive expecting to violate a minor girl or boy.

We have computers now, but this has been going on forever. My Mamma told me a story about her youth. When she was 8 years old she went to visit her playmate. The young girls father greeted my Mamma at the door wearing nothing but a smirk. She ran home and told her Mamma. My Grandpa and Uncles hauled the offender out in the yard, ripped his clothes off and administered immediate justice. The policemen just looked on. That family left the neighborhood the next day.

The world is full of vile, sick and nasty people. God help us all!

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