Friday, July 07, 2006


Did you know that Martha Washington’s nickname was Patsy?

We never hear the first First Lady referred to as Patsy Washington.

Ben Franklin’s wife was named Debbie.

Did you ever notice when people drive to a store with their dog in the Does the dog’s think, “Damn! If I just had opposable claws I could drive away and really chase some cars!”

Why is there an acceptable level of rat feces in food?

I once went to a McDonalds Drive-Through and asked for Chicken McNuggets. The voice from the speaker asked how many did I want. I replied I’d like a half a dozen.
The young fellow apologized and said that they only come in four, six or nine piece boxes.

We make fun of the French for their lack of actions during WWll, but they really pulled our asses out of the ringer in the Revolutionary War. For that matter, so did the Dutch.

What’s the deal with all these lady school teachers jeopardizing their careers by dating their 15 year old students? When I was 15 all my lady school teachers were named Maud or Ethel and were nasty old maids that had been in the school system far too long. They would rather beat us than be around us. Likewise the less time spent with them the better.

When I was a kid we had two galvanized garbage cans that I had to drag to the side of the road twice a week. Most of the time I only had to drag one out that was half full. Today I have a huge plastic bin that holds about 10 black plastic bags full of garbage that I take out to the curb once a week. With all the packaging material used these days we accumulate more and more trash.

Why do we complain about pollution if we keep making pollution?

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