Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What's Up With These Crazy Lady Teachers Now Days?

Mary Kay Latourneau was a high school teacher that started the ball rolling by trying to recapture her youth by making whoopee with a youth, which is illegal in most states and commonwealths. She went to prison not just once, but twice due to her indiscretion.

It appears that she started a fad. In my fair town, since the beginning of the current school year 3 school “marms” have been charged with soliciting male high school students and had to face a judge. What are these ladies thinking? They’ve worked hard to get through school, obtain their teaching certification and build up tenure, only to blow it all on some young boy that can’t even buy a six pack, hold a job and still lives with his mama. Furthermore two of these teachers were married with children, so they’ve put a severe dent in their own family lives.

In my day teachers were named Anabelle or Mary Margret and wore sensible shoes, print dresses and were usually beyond retirement age. Like my English teacher Miss Gertrude McGuillicuddy.

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