Friday, July 30, 2010

Bear Attacks

Within that past month numerous bear attacks have been reported in the news. 

While asleep in a tent in New Mexico, some Boy Scouts were attacked by a black bear.  A zookeeper recently escaped an attack by a bear by using pepper spray.  A hiker in Kentucky was bitten by a bear while hiking at Natural Bridge State Park.  Let's face it folks, we are just not safe anymore.

As a public service I offer these tips.

If you go hiking you should wear bells on your ankles.  The jingling noise will ward off bears.

You can determine what type of bears are in a given area by learning to recognize bear scat.

Brown and black bear scat is easily recognizable because it contains berries, twigs and bits of leaves.

Grizzly bear scat can be determined because it contains fishbones and bells.

Remember these handy tips and stay safe!

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Anonymous said...

If you are going to post advice about avoiding bear attacks, you should first read a couple of reputable books based on science rather than hearsay and get your very, very basic facts straight. ie. Bear bells can actually attract bears and if you google bear bells, you will notice that it's the manufacturers and Joe public that advocate the use of them. Biologists, parks officials and bear safety educators (like myself) do not.