Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hopscotch - Part 2

Recently Anonymous wrote a comment to say God bless you please Mister Robison, Jesus loves you more than you could know...whoa, whoa, whoa.

Just to remind both of the people that occasionally look at this blog, Charles Robison is the teacher recently accused of corporal punishment of his young son for violating the rules of professional Hopscotch?

According to what we are told in the local news, Mr. Robison is divorced and was taking care of the tyke over the weekend. Upon going home the boy’s Mama discovered some bruising and assumed it resulted from the whuppin’ the little fellow got for bad-mouthing his daddy.

Robison states the bruise was due to a bump received while the child was at the swimming pool. He further states the “ex” assumed he bruised the kiddos hinder.  Divorce is never pleasant.

Robison also explains the punishment was not due to improper Hopscotch etiquette, but due to the young man sassing his old man.

The whole event seems to be due to poor decisions and assumptions.

Still I do not understand why a contemporary five year old would be playing Hopscotch. That is so retro. 

Get out the Gameboy son.

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