Tuesday, July 13, 2010

If You Play Hopscotch, You Better Play By The Rules

First of all, I gotta' admit I was not aware that kids played Hopscotch these days.  I thought all they did was sit around playing Wii or Playstation Grand Theft Auto.  Apparently I was wrong.

A Northern Kentucky middle school teacher is facing a felony abuse charge for allegedly beating his 5-year-old son with a belt. 

Christopher Robison, 46, of Union, is facing a Class C felony criminal abuse charge, which carries a penalty of five to 10 years in prison. Mr. Robinson has been suspended by Boone County Schools “pending an internal investigation.”

The allegations were made by his ex-wife, according to the Boone County Sheriff’s Department. Robison said he and his ex-wife share custody of the boy and an older daughter. The department said Robison hit his son with a belt “because the boy was not playing hopscotch to his satisfaction.”

I am ashamed that at 58 years old, I only played Hopscotch once in my life and I never learned the rules.  And I need to get this off my concious. I never actually played marbles and never really got the hang of mumbly peg.

Apparently, in this man's oppinion Mr. Robison must have been quite familiar with the official Hopscotch Association Rule Book.  He admitted he did hit his son twice on the buttocks with a belt after his son talked back to him several times while they were outside playing hopscotch. He said he gave his son a couple of warnings, but the boy did not stop. That’s when he took him inside to discipline him, he said.

“It was about him talking back,” he said. “Not about hopscotch."

Robison said he believes corporal punishment should be an option for parents, but not to hurt their children.

Robison turned himself in Monday afternoon, posted a $500 bond and was released. 

The Boone County Police have assigned one of their top investigators, Storm Trooper Darryl Jenkins to determine if Robinson the younger was or was not following proper Hopscotch rules.

Also in question is whether young master Robinson did or did not call his father a "Doo-doo head."

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Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone ,
As a former student Mr.Robison ALL i can say is that there is definitely more to this story then was let on .At first when i saw the report on Television i was shocked .Especially when i read the Headline "Teacher beats his 5-year old son over a hopscotch game for not playing it to his personal satisfaction" .I couldn't believe it and i still refuse to .I know this Man and i definitely will say that he couldn't do something like this .The way he talks about his kids is heavenly .He Loves with all of his heart,and if you could ever hear him talk about them both this would be very very clear. Thus remind you all in Kentucky hitting you child with a belt is not illegal. Im not going to say anything bad or try and Disgrace the Mother in this story but .Custody battle is often very emotional and can at times get very messy. His X-wife probably had a motive by calling the cops that night. And her intentions probably weren't very innocent either . All i ask you to do is Just think about it .One night KID comes Home and tells Mommy that Daddy beat him all of a sudden "opportunity opportunity" comes along ,She calls the cops and all of a sudden gets sole custody just saying its a little suspicious. I think that even the mother didn't know that this would be blown this far from this small town in Kentucky. Again not trying to criminalize the mother. Maybe when the mother saw the bruises it would be so much easier for her just to think That his father the man she divorced now is abusing him . Without really thinking it through she was probably too quick to act. That probably why when the press tried to reach her she couldn't be reached. So , When Robison says that his son got those marks on the when playing in swimming pool that day i believe him . Anyone who knows this man well enough will also agree. This story need to be very thoroughly looked over especially now that its this big ,Also i want to hear the full story from his little boy Aden. Also from His little daughter, to hear of anymore unusually tough spankings i want a full investigation .From the mothers side and then from the fathers side .Another investigation Form the beginning to the end ,Then from the back to the front and then an investigation of all the little crevices .I do not want this to go into the "poor mother ,monster daddy"Category. I want the Truth because this is certainly not it .