Sunday, July 04, 2010

Poison Ivy - Poison Ivy - Late at Night When You're Sleepin'...

...Poison Ivy comes creepin' around, 'round, round, round.

I was listening to a local horticulturalist on the radio last week while driving.

He stated that poison ivy has become more wide spread and virulent.  He went on to say people that never were allergic to it before are starting to develope a reaction to poison ivy.

I have got to believe him since various parts of my body are itchin' like a man on a fuzzy tree.

After mowing the grass and trimming weeds, I rush in and take a hot shower, soap up and turn the cold water on in an attempt to get any of this evil plants oils off of my skin.

Alas it didn't work this week. 

On Wednesday I tackled my backyard, side yard, the grass the mower missed last weekend in the front yard with my weed-whacker.  I should have stuck to my first thought, which was telling my neighbors I was growing tall ornamental grass.

So Thursday I woke up with red itchy circles around my eyes, a red neck that also itched and itchy arms.  I suffered through the day at work on Thursday and Friday.  Saturday my wife hosed me down with Benedryl spray and I put Calydryl on my face to the point where I looked like a news anchor on HD TV that covers her face in pancake makeup.

It's Sunday, the red circles are still around my eyes but, thankfully the itchiness is starting to subside. 

I was not aware that poison ivy can have little red berries on it. 

Next time I'll take to heart the old adage;

 "Leaves of Three. Let it Be."

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