Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Childs View Of History - Part 1 Prehistoric Times

A friend of mine sent me the following information. It was taken from a substitute teacher who had asked her young pupils to write what they knew about history.

Prehistoric times happened about the age our parents were born. There were alot of dinosaurs. Dinosaurs lived about 300 to 500 years ago. They lived about 100 A.C. Most dinosaurs lived in Utah. Dinosaurs have been extinct for several years. Dinosaurs are important because we would not have museums if they weren't there.

The three major types of dinosaurs were Water, Land and Air dinosaurs. The dinosaurs that lived in the water lived shorter than the ones in the air because of pollution.

Dinosaurs were good and evil, but most dinosaurs were okay to hang around with. Even meat-eating dinosaurs didn't eat their own families unless they were really hungry and there wasn't anything else around.

Dinosaurs are very well-respected animals. They are respected for their originality, their shape, size, color, or what they went through.

There were no houses when the dinosaurs were alive because dinosaurs won't fit in houses. Dinosaurs were 20 times taller than Michael Jordan.

The President of all the dinosaurs was Tyrannosaurus Rex. No one could kill T. Rex, that's his nickname. His teeth were like 6-inch chisels of death. He's a vicious cool fighting machine.

The dinosaurs were dumb so they died usually. The Try Sirutops was the stupidest one. The Try Sirutops usually died in lava where the volcano bursted and it used to die in tar pits and by falling off cliffs so it died a lot.

It wasn't too long after that when they started to become extinct. They would just walk outside one day and find themselves extinct. Some died of old age, starvation, nuclear war, and some were killed by Halley's Comet. Many of them died from the cold weather, and falling off cliffs. People killing them and taking them home is what did most of the damage to their environment. I think what people did was very rude and if it wasn't for them the dinosaurs would still be living to this very day. If it wasn't for God and dinosaurs, we wouldn't be here.

All that's left of the dinosaurs now is their bongs.

Cavemen, such as Adam and Eve, also lived around this time. Cavemen lived over fifty years ago. Cavemen had very difficult lifestyles, running from dinosaurs, finding food, and curing the sick. People who lived there should have moved because some dinosaurs are mean and if one of them was mean and you lived by them you should move right away.

Cavemen had no food, clothing, or television. Cavemen had very boring lives because there was nothing to do all day except sit on a rock or starve to death or something. Cavemen dragged women around by the hair because women didn't have the right to vote yet. Cavemen had very bad table manners and never asked to be excused. We can learn about cavemen now by watching the Flintstones.

Nothing had been invented during prehistoric times but that was okay because police and school hadn't been invented yet either so the cavemen could fight and party all they wanted to. Dinosaurs showed us and the cavemen how to fight. If they weren't here we would all be wimps.

Some of the cavemen later became Pilgrims.

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