Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Child's View Of History - Part Nine - Westward Ho!

The pioneers were refugees from Vietnam.

The pioneers went west because the factories they worked at had all closed down.

The pioneers had to get jobs as cowboys because that was the only jobs there was out there.

The pioneers lived in eskimos or whatever shelter they could find.

They would have long cattle drives to other continents. These cattle drives were also called corrals.

I read in a book the pioneers used hoes to work the fields. I bet if
we still made bad girls work like that we wouldn't have so many teenage girls being pregnate.

The Wild West was called the Wild West because everything was really wild. People got killed three or four times a day. Sometimes cowboys would get into fights which would cause a shoot-off, this shoot-off was called a draw.

Cowboys all hanged out at a bar with doors you can push in that flaps. Some famous cowboys are Billy the Kidder, Wild Bill Hitchcock, Quick Draw McGraw, the Long Ranger, Al Capone, John Wayne, and Clint Eastwood.

Finally the cowboys struck oil. They all quit their jobs at the ranch and invented football.

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