Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The High School Reunion

The high school reunion is coming up. I’m not sure what it is about high school that remains so important to us throughout our lives that we have to go back and relive it every five or ten years. It was four years of bad complexions, lack of self esteem, peer pressure and confusion. We were put into a learning factory with a handful of adults that had spent way too much time with children. We were divided into social stratas with each group getting it’s own set of miniature castanets so they could have their own little “clicks.”

I’ve been to all the reunions and the people that come have evolved from sullen and conceited kids into personable and caring human beings. Age and life do that to you. It’s an occasion to see who got fat and bald or who hooked up with whom. We can also swap stories about the young’uns that we raised that are possibly still sullen and conceited and suffer from bad complexions, poor self esteem, the weight of peer pressure and confusion.

Miss Bessy Mae Moochoh - 11th Grade History

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