Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Childs View Of History - Part Six - The Pilgrims

The Pilgrims lived millions of years ago. The Pilgrims came to America looking for jobs. They came all the way from Greenland on the May-Flour.

The Pilgrims left Africa because King Arthur would not let the Pilgrims worship as the Pilgrims pleased. So the Pilgrims came to America where everyone could worship as the Pilgrims pleased.

They finally got to America about 1920. They landed on the Rock of Gibraltar and called it Plymouth Rock.

When the Pilgrims first landed in America, everybody came running out of their beach houses to meet them. The Pilgrims called the people they met in America Indians because that's what Columbus told them to call those people.

The Indians showed the Pilgrims how to fish, hunt, plant corn, build strong houses, sew beautiful garments, and cook delicious food. In return, the Pilgrims taught the Indians how to smoke, drink, and worship God.

Soon the Pilgrims started to build cabins, and make weapons to kill animals to eat, take the furs for covers and clothes. Meanwhile women were making pottery, jewelry and decorations from corn that was different colors. And still today some of us live in cabins, eat animals, make pottery, jewelry and decorations from corn. So life really isn't that much different today than a few or a bunch of years ago.

Finally, one cold November day, Captain John Smith invented the turkey. The Pilgrims had a big Thanksgiving dinner with Holly Farms turkey, Stouffer's Stove Top stuffing, and lots of Bird's Eye pumpkin pies they'd been saving for a special occasion.

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and most of the other Presidents were at the first Thanksgiving. Lots of famous Indians were there, like Pocohontas, Sitting Bull, and Ghandi. After they finished eating, the Pilgrims went back to their cabins and the Indians went back to their reservation and everybody went to sleep.

The Indians were mad because the Pilgrims jipped them out of New York City. The Pilgrims bought New York City from the Indians for five marbles, three necklaces, a few baseball cards and twenty-seven dollars in cash. If the Indians had known about the Entire State Building they probably would have wanted a couple hundred more dollars.

The Pilgrims didn't like the Indians because the Indians didn't work very much or wear enough clothes. All this finally caused the French Revolution, when India gained its independence from the Pilgrims.

Today all the Pilgrims are extinct.

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