Friday, August 04, 2006

A Child's View Of History - Part Two - The Egyptians

Gradually the cavemen evolved into Egyptians. The people were not civilized and they did not think wisely. They wore wigs and sandals. The Pharaohs had Jewish people as slaves because they refused to worship the Pharaoh or his cat. They also had big pyramids and little ones for their maids. The Egyptians built the Erie Canal.

The pyramids were built for Pharaohs so when they died they could be buried in a pyramid. Back then the Egyptians thought the Pharaoh was still alive so they would bring him fresh food and water in the pyramid but I guess someone finally found out they're not going to eat the food so they finally stopped bringing food into the pyramid because it would just sit there and start to smell bad and then nobody would want to go in the pyramid anymore.

Some people think if you try to steal a pyramid, the mummies will curse at you.

If you go to Egypt today, you can still see the Great Pyramid of King Tofu.

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